Updating a Security Certificate in WHM

WHM self-signed certificates expire every year. Renew them with just a few clicks.

If you are using self-signed certificates to access WHM, they will expire every year. About a month beforehand, you'll receive an email with a warning, and all that's needed is to go into WHM and reset them.

The email message usually reads like this:

Your server's SSL certificate for ftp will expire in less than 30 days. You need to install a new certificate as soon as possible. You can install a new certificate using WHM's "Manage Service SSL Certificates" interface: https://YOUR-SERVER-DOMAIN:2087/scripts2/manageservicecrts (Main >> Service Configuration >> Manage Service SSL Certificates).

Click the link, or visiti it directly at https://YOUR-SERVER-DOMAIN:2087/scripts2/manageservicecrts

Once there, you'll see multiple areas that use certificates. Click on the first Reset Certificate.

This message will pop up: 

Confirm SSL Certificate Reset

This action will install a newly generated key and self-signed certificate for the “cPanel/WHM/Webmail Service” service. (The certificate will cover the domain “YOUR-SERVER-DOMAIN”.) If you proceed with this reset, you should obtain another certificate from a valid Certificate Authority to replace the self-signed certificate as soon as possible.

Are you sure that you want to reset the SSL certificate for “cPanel/WHM/Webmail Service”? This operation cannot be undone!

Click to confirm, and the certificate will reset.

This message will pop up: 

Restart cpsrvdIn order to complete your SSL Certificate installation cpsrvd will need to be restarted.Restart cpsrvd now?

You can restart now, or wait until you have reset all the security certificates.

The certificates will have a new expiration date in one year.