Tracking Newsletter Signups with Google Analytics Goals

Get valuable information about your website visitors' actions using Google Analytics goals.

Google Analytics' Goals let you track valuable information about your website traffic, above and beyond the normal GA statistics. How many people reach a specific page? Which keyword search drives the most sales? What percentage of people trigger an event, such as signing up for a newsletter? Using Goals, you can gain more insight into how your site is used.

A client needed to track how many people were signing up for the newsletter. We created a "Thank you for signing up" page on their website, then directed new signups there after a successful confirmation. This is done through the newsletter provider, like MailChimp or MadMimi.

On to the goals! The next step is to add the URL for that "Thank you" page to a goal in Google Analytics. 

In Google Analytics, click on Admin in the top navigation. Select the Account and Property where you want to create the goal. Under the View list, click on Goals:
Google Analytics Admin 


Click on the Goal Setup button, then scroll down and select the Custom radio button:

Google Analytics Goal Setup Custom


Click on the Continue button to go to the Goal description.
Name the goal and select the Destination radio button:

Google Analytics Goal Setup Name


Click on the Continue button to go to the Goal details.
If your email Thank You page is at, for example,, add Destination equals "thanks" (without the quotes). Google Analytics is already tracking the domain part (, so that isn't needed in this field.

Google Analytics Goal Setup Destination
Click the Save button.

3. Track that Goal!

Once set up, you can track the goal in Google Analytics.

From GA Home, click the account you want. In the left column, click Conversion, then Goals. 

You can view Goal URLs, completion rates, and much more!